artistry beyond the notes…

DeNOTE Chalumeaux

DeNOTE Chalumeaux celebrates one of the lesser-known, yet most alluring members of the clarinet family – the Chalumeau. Invented at the end of the seventeenth century, the chalumeau was frequently used by composers in the baroque such as Fux, Vivaldi and Conti to evoke pastoral scenes in operas and oratorios, and its gentle ‘cooing’ sound was celebrated by composers such as Fasch, Telemann and Graupner, each of whom wrote concerted works featuring the chalumeau in solo roles. This concerto repertoire features in DeNOTE Chalumeaux’s programming, recently with Linden Baroque and on BBC1’s ‘Countryfile” (screened 1 June 2014) as part of a celebration of Boxwood forests and crafts inspired by boxwood (from which the chalumeau is made).

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