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Hull UK City of Culture 2017

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Hull is the UK’s City of Culture 2017 – and DeNOTE is a part of it!images-3

We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Hull University next March to deliver two days of public rehearsals, workshops for students, and an evening concert celebrating Virtuosity (one of the Festival’s themes): all as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017!

Our programme is “Enduring Virtuosos: Bach and Beethoven” and it will take place in the newly-refurbished Middleton Hall at Hull University on 2 March. The previous day, we’ll be resident on campus, offering a varied diet of open ensemble rehearsals and coaching workshops for performance and composition students.

We’re absolutely delighted to be going back to this vibrant city, further extending our relationship with the University. This will be our fifth visit since 2012! Recently, we spent three hugely enjoyable days there working on Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto and the Piano Concerto, K.413 with student ensembles, leading to two concerts. It’s a thriving environment for music and we’re proud to be associated with it – most especially in Hull City of Culture 2017!


Our new Bach and Beethoven programme will, unusually, approach Bach’s music from the standpoint of late 18th-century-Viennese musical tastes, and on instruments of that time. Bach was a particular favourite of the Imperial Librarian, Baron Gottfried van Swieten, whose protégé, Beethoven frequently attended his salons and performed the works of Bach alongside his own virtuosic piano compositions. Under van Swieten’s encouragement, Beethoven diligently explored Bach’s music, and it is this connection that has inspired our choice to construct a salon-like programme dovetailing works by both composers, as may have happened at the Baron’s Viennese palace. Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, has always been a vibrant and outward-looking city, connecting people across times and places. Its mercantile, intellectual and cultural heritage encourages us to look afresh at what we thought was familiar. That too has inspired our Bach/Beethoven programme, in which we offer a chance to explore these two familiar composers from a less familiar vantage-point.


DeNOTE’s “Enduring Virtuosos: Bach and Beethoven” takes place at Middleton Hall, University of Hull on 1-2 March 2017. Find out more about Hull UK City of Culture 2017.



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Period-instrument chamber music group specialising in music from the era of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

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