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Satisfied Customers at Benslow!

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Here’s a selection of feedback from participants in our 2-day residency at Benslow Music (February 2016):

“A privilege to participate”

“Really inspiring”

“Their playing as an ensemble was outstanding. Just listening gave me a better idea how to make the music ‘speak’ and how to engage the audience”

“The tuition was the best I have ever experienced at Benslow”

“Marvellous hard-working, sensitive, musical and tactful tutors who catered for a wide ability range”

“Hearing the ‘Mozart piano’ was a revelation”

“The course tutors were superb and were very generous with their time, so that was a real plus”

“The tutors were unfailingly helpful and encouraging & gave their time freely. It was a privilege to have them work with us”

“I hope Ensemble DeNOTE come again”


For our part, we really enjoyed working with the 18 course members on a range of classical repertoire (largely Mozart, but with some of his Viennese contemporaries thrown in) over four days this week. There was some excellent music making, culminating in a workshop performance at the end.

And… we’ve been invited back. More on that anon.


Author: ensembledenote

Period-instrument chamber music group specialising in music from the era of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

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