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The Mozart Project Live! – progress


Scriptwriting. Choreography. Costume fitting. Photos. Poster design. Travel. Rehearsals. Getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Read through of the script with the Stage Director and Actors. Redrafting the script… Redrafting the script again. Redesigning the posters. Managing the budget. Design a bespoke iPad presentation. (Make sure that it fits the sequence of the script. Make sure that it fits the sequence of the script. Make sure that it fits the redrafted version of the script!) Rehearse with the dancers. Oh, and practice the music… (to include brief appearances of the ‘Kegelstatt’ Trio and the Gran’ Partita).

Well, it’s certainly hectic. And exciting. And it IS progressing. And if you live anywhere in the Peterborough area then you may well like to see our take on Mozart’s Chamber Music. We may have a sneak preview of the poster here in a few days. Whatever it looks like, the essential information is this:

The Mozart Project Live!

Ensemble DeNOTE.

Peterborough Key Theatre 20 April 2016, 7.30 pm.

Box Office: 01733 207239; or visit



By the way, that portrait of Mozart at the top of this post isn’t the one you’ll see in the poster….

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Satisfied Customers at Benslow!


Here’s a selection of feedback from participants in our 2-day residency at Benslow Music (February 2016):

“A privilege to participate”

“Really inspiring”

“Their playing as an ensemble was outstanding. Just listening gave me a better idea how to make the music ‘speak’ and how to engage the audience”

“The tuition was the best I have ever experienced at Benslow”

“Marvellous hard-working, sensitive, musical and tactful tutors who catered for a wide ability range”

“Hearing the ‘Mozart piano’ was a revelation”

“The course tutors were superb and were very generous with their time, so that was a real plus”

“The tutors were unfailingly helpful and encouraging & gave their time freely. It was a privilege to have them work with us”

“I hope Ensemble DeNOTE come again”


For our part, we really enjoyed working with the 18 course members on a range of classical repertoire (largely Mozart, but with some of his Viennese contemporaries thrown in) over four days this week. There was some excellent music making, culminating in a workshop performance at the end.

And… we’ve been invited back. More on that anon.