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Launch concert for Lythe Chamber Music 2016

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Ensemble DeNOTE’s annual course, Lythe Chamber Music will take place once again in the glorious village of Lythe, a few miles north of Whitby along the North Yorkshire coast from 31 July to 4 August 2016.



Ensemble DeNOTE founders JANE BOOTH AND JOHN IRVING launched Lythe Chamber Music 2016 with a concert in Sneaton Chapel on 5 December (with thanks to the Sisters of St. Hilda’s Priory, Whitby). Showcasing Johannes Secker‘s amazing Flemish harpsichord (2007) and a brand new baroque 2-keyed clarinet by Guy Cowley, Jane and John introduced works by Bach and Handel to a large, appreciative and very generous audience, raising £270 for course funds (enough to fund a couple of scholarships for talented young players). Here’s a link to an edited highlights of the Sneaton concert.

For more information on the course visit the course website

and on social media at

TWITTER: @lythemusic1

FACEBOOK: /lythechambermusic


Author: ensembledenote

Period-instrument chamber music group specialising in music from the era of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

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