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Grant success for Lythe Chamber Music

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DeNOTE’s residential Chamber Music course, Lythe Chamber Music has been awarded generous funding by The Normanby Trust.

IMG_0582This year’s course will take place from 26-30 July and will focus, as ever on the splendid keyboard instruments of local maker, Johannes Secker. As well as the opportunity to study keyboard repertoire on harpsichord, fortepiano and clavichord with John Irving, participants at Lythe Chamber Music may also study historical woodwinds with Jane Booth. This year, we are expanding the reach to include 17th and 18th-century works for recorder with James Brookmyre.

As ever, Johannes Secker will provide in-depth workshops on historical keyboard construction and tuning. This year, he has completed a fine copy of a 17th-century Virginals.  The inaugural recital will be on 28 July.

We have been busy planning the detailed schedule today, including the logistics for installing all the keyboards in the different locations around the picturesque village of Lythe.


There will be three course concerts, on 27, 28 and 30 July.

For more information visit

There are still a few places left! Contact James Brookmyre for further details on how to apply at or phone him on 07548 748 455


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Period-instrument chamber music group specialising in music from the era of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

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